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“In Life particularly public life, psychology is more important than logic”

– Lubwig Quidd

4 Types of Scales Used in the Field of Measurement in Psychology

In terms of psychology whenever we talk about statistics we do come across the 4 scales of measurement. It is very important to understand this topic if we want to learn about research work etc. Measurement is the process of assigning numbers to observations. Four of the important scales are discussed below. NOMINAL SCALE : […]

Methods of Psychology

Psychologists collect data in the form of measures of behavior. For the same a lot of methods can be used to obtain the data. Some are explained below. OBSERVATION METHOD It involves studying behavior of others by observing them in their natural habitat / setting or in an artificial situation. Studies conducted on the behavior […]


Does Psychology impact society? Though we are living in a technological era yet the impact of psychology will always be there. Psychology is a collection of various sub-fields. (as discussed in the last post) Some psychologists conduct basic or applied research. It is a profession devoted to practical issues as how to have a happy […]

What is Psychology ?

Key Topics covered- Defining Psychology Nature and Scope                                      Brief History Branches of Psychology Let’s begin by understanding psychology in its simplest form as follows- Affect – It refers to one’s emotions like being happy or sad. Behaviour – It refers to the different ways in which we act how we feel which can be overt […]